To celebrate World Space Week, Britain's best-loved talking robot boldly went where no toy had gone before - capturing stunning views of the Earth.

With all eyes focused skyward for the dramatic supermoon and lunar eclipse last weekend and Nasa's annoucement of water on Mars, interest in space travel at an all time high., utilising the expertise of a high altitude ballooning expert, prepped and primed their lovable mascot for a one-off mission into space.  Taking off from a secret location in Ross-on-Wye, BRIAN travelled at a speed of 5.5m per second, whilst attached to a hydrogen weather balloon.

He reached dizzying heights of 35,200 metres - three times the height of a commercial airplane - as he successfully became the first ever price comparison mascot to breach the Earth’s stratosphere, taking in stunning vistas as his reward.The journey took one hour and 40 minutes to complete. Then began the race to his landing point, as BRIAN’s co-ordinates were traced to a location near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

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