Rail, Maritime and Transport union members at Northern, Merseyrail, South Western Railway and Greater Anglia are striking today, Wednesday and Friday. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com discusses the chaos expected on the roads this week... She says:

“Rail strikes are set to disrupt the regular rush-hour traffic this week, as thousands of commuters will be taking to the roads to avoid the chaos. Our research shows that past train strikes have delayed commutes by an average of 29 minutes. And with almost one third (30%) of drivers wishing they didn’t have to drive to work as it is, the extra traffic will not be welcomed.

“Drivers should prepare for the disruption by planning ahead and follow the lead of a quarter (27%) of motorists who leave extra early or slightly later to avoid peak periods.

“And when drivers are hit with the heavy traffic, they should try and drive more resourcefully to reduce extra fuel costs. This includes driving at slower speeds, accelerating gradually, avoiding over-revving and using a higher gear. Drivers should also research the cheapest place to fill up in their local area which they can do using Confused.com’s petrol prices tool.

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