Following the release of DVLA research today that reveals over 10,000 GB motorists are driving with 12 or more points, digs deeper to discover just how many drivers are still on roads with penalty points. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor and former racing driver, reports the findings*:

“We were shocked to hear the DVLA research today, which revealed that over 10 thousand GB motorists are driving with 12 or more points. While many drivers do have three points on their license, we have found that in the last year over 430 000 drivers requesting quotes had six points, and 64 000 on nine points.

“What is most worrying is that in the past 12 months has received a quote from one individual with 30 points on their license, three with 27 points and six with 26 points! Road safety charities today have criticised the system for allowing so many unsafe drivers on the road.”

“It is concerning so many UK drivers are on the road with penalty points and we hope growing awareness around this issue will encourage better driving in the UK. Incurring penalty points can result in motoring fines, increased insurance premiums, and even disqualification from driving, so motorists should always drive safely and responsibly when on the roads.”

* Figures based on quotes run in the past 12 months by