Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has been referred to the police by his club after he was apparently filmed using a mobile phone while driving. Merseyside Police have confirmed that the video has been passed to the "relevant department."

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at comments:

“Smartphones are incredibly useful and convenient tools when used appropriately and responsibly, but behind the wheel is not an acceptable time for use. 

“Even when crawling in traffic, taking your eye off the road just for a second to read an alert or take a photo can have potentially devastating results.

“And there still seems to be a sizable amount of confusion about what is and isn’t legal. To clear things up a little, we teamed up with Rob Gwynne-Thomas of the South Wales Police Road Policing Unit and created a handy guide to clear up the confusion

“Also, if drivers are caught using their phone illegally behind the wheel they can face six penalty points and a £200 fine, as well as the possibility of increased car insurance premiums."