Footballers top the list for most expensive car insurance premiums

- Professional footballers pay FIVE TIMES more for car insurance than the average UK driver(2) –


  • A footballer’s car insurance bill is a whopping £3,920, on average(1) – with some driving cars valued at as much as £165,000(3)!
  • Claims, driving record and cost of car among the many reasons for extortionate car insurance prices.
  • Handy guide answers drivers’ questions on how they could save money on car insurance.
  • Doormen and other professional sportspeople also fork out £3,215 and £2,749 respectively for car insurance(1) – but they may not have the benefit of a footballer’s salary.

With the England team out in Russia with the hope of re-living the glory of 1966, new research reveals just how much professional footballers are paying for the privilege of insuring their cars.

New data from reveals professional footballers top the list as the profession with the most expensive car insurance and are paying five times more than the average UK motorist(2).

The data from the driver savings site found that footballers fork out £3,920 on average for their car insurance for just one year(1). Compared to the cost of the average UK car insurance, which currently sits at £768, according to’s Q1 2018 car insurance price index(4), this is a staggering amount of money, and more than many drivers will spend on a little run-around car.

But the price tag of vehicles owned by professional footballers is just one of the many reasons for these extortionate prices. For example, Chelsea midfielder Willan has been clocked driving a Bentley Bentayga, which retails at an eye-watering £165,000(3). Slightly lower in the price range would be Gary Cahill’s Range Rover Sport, which is valued at £65,000, but still a lot more expensive than the average family car(3).

However, it isn’t just the value of a car which can determine how much a driver will have to pay to insure it. In fact, a footballer’s driving history is very much a key factor, especially if it isn’t as clean as their football game. Claims and convictions will all factor against a driver and potentially bump up their premiums, as insurers will identify them as a higher risk. Not only this, but footballers feeling the wrath of an angry fan might just end up on the receiving end of vandalism, which puts them in a vulnerable position in the eye of insurers.

But regardless of a driver’s history, or the value of the car they are driving around in, there are ways to bring premiums down. So has created a handy go-to guide with the many ways motorists could reduce their car insurance costs and hopefully shave a few pounds of their bill. This encourages drivers to think about how they use their car, and how secure it is, and how small changes like upping voluntary excess could in fact bring prices down.

And there are many other professions that are also classed as ‘high-risk’, mostly due to the nature of their work, and therefore face rather expensive car insurance premiums. Ranked second is doormen, with insurances bills costing £3,215 on average – although they aren’t paid quite as much as footballers. As part of the security industry, doormen are exposed to demanding conditions, and could be parking up in dangerous locations overnight, putting them at risk to vandalism.

Professional sportspeople ranked third, as they, like footballers, are more likely to be driving around in high-speed cars with very big price tags.

Car body repairer also featured within the top 10, arguably due to the fact their car is more likely to be modified to change the appearance and performance, which is known to increase the risk in the eyes of an insurer.

Foreign students are also among the most expensive for car insurance, as they are unlikely to have driven in the UK before, and are therefore deemed as first-time drivers. 

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “Footballers spend most of their life in the spotlight and even more so over the course of this summer. But being a footballer comes with some very hefty price tags – especially when it comes to the cost of owning a car. Almost £4,000(1) is a lot of money to be paying for insurance, but that’s the price you pay when you own expensive sports cars and live a high-risk life style.

“And there are other professions out there who also pay similar prices, and many of them don’t benefit from a footballer’s salary. However, there are ways for them to drive these prices down as listed in’s guide to lowering car insurance premiums.

“Another way to keep costs down is shopping around online at, where you can make savings of up to £289(5).”


Notes to editors

  1. Average price calculated using the top five prices per quote per occupation via between March and May 2018.
  2. Footballers pay £3,290 on average, vs. £768 (the average UK premium based on’s Q1 2018 car insurance price index).
  4.’s Q1 2018 car insurance price index based on more than six million quotes a quarter – the most comprehensive car insurance price index in the UK.
  5. Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence (March' 18). 50% of car insurance customers could save £289.25