Jamie Carragher has come under fire for his ‘spit hitting the fan’, which was caught on camera by another driver. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com highlights how road rage and mobile phone use are both extremely dangerous behaviours on UK roads.

“Road rage is clearly prevalent among drivers as our research suggests that a whopping 63% of UK mortorists have experienced road rage on our roads, with two thirds (65%) reacting by shouting at others from behind the wheel*. And while some motorists might use road rage to express their frustration at other drivers, or be tempted to act out under pressure, it’s important that they keep themselves as calm and collected as possible, or risk losing focus and endangering themselves and other road users.

“But using a mobile phone behind the wheel is also extremely dangerous and is equally a risk to road users. Confused.com has created an FAQ guide to clear up any confusion on when it is or isn’t legal to use a mobile phone behind the wheel, as those caught by police could be hit with a £200 fine and six penalty points, since the punishment doubled a year ago.

*Five most common road rage responses:

1. Internalising anger/talking to myself – 74%

2. Shouting at others from behind the wheel – 65%

3. Beeping horn – 43%

4. Displaying inappropriate hand signals towards others – 36%

5. Getting out of the car to confront others – 4%

Spitting did not feature.