A study released today by Direct Line Car Insurance reveals one in ten drivers have no car park etiquette, committing offences including parking across bay lines, driving in the wrong direction or leaving their vehicle in a disabled bay without displaying a Blue Badge.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com advises drivers on parking etiquette and how they can avoid the arduous costs of parking:

“For many motorists, driving and being able to park easily and conveniently are hugely important to everyday life, particularly for blue badge holders. 

“While we agree that people need to park considerately, it’s also important that drivers are not hit with unnecessary fines because of confusing parking signs or for parking temporarily on the pavement.

“Confused.com research shows that over a 25-year period, the average driver will rack up almost £10,000 worth of charges and fines - £6,952 of which is spent on car parking fines alone.”