JVS (Jewish Vegetarian Society) trustee Dan Jacobs has created an official government petition, which calls for a ban on the practice of killing live one day old chicks by maceration, gassing and suffocation.

More than 40 million one day old male chicks are killed by these methods every year in the UK alone.The male chicks are killed because they are not able to lay eggs and are not efficient enough to be sold for meat.

Research by VIVA found that over two thirds of the public are unaware of these practices, and once educated, are overwhelmingly opposed.

The petition, which went live on the government petition website on Wednesday 8th March, has already attracted more than 6000 signatures from UK citizens. The government must respond to the petition when it reaches 10,000 and will consider a debate in the House of Commons when 100,000 signatures are reached.

Trustee Dan Jacobs said "most people are horrified when they hear about these cruel practices and want to know about compassionate alternatives". There are at least three large technology projects being tested around the world which can predict sex 'inovo'.

The JVS would like to see the government fund and fast track these trials, with a view to making this technology mandatory within three years.

Lara Smallman, Director of the JVS is confident the petition can reach 100,000 signatures; "We're planning to partner with other organisations, religious and secular, including the Vegan and Vegetarian societies. This is a cause that we can all rally around, meat eaters and veggies alike. We are a nation of animal lovers, nobody wants to see needless animal cruelty.”

To sign the petition, please go to https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/188023