Wednesday 1st March 2017:

As the UK Government announces plans to create five additional international technology hubs, the UK Israel Tech Hub marks its fifth anniversary and its plans to work with other British Embassies to roll out the new commerical model for British tech hubs abroad. 

Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub, Naomi Krieger Carmy said: "We are delighted the UK government has recognized the unique potential of the model we have developed with Israel. Together with our Chairman Haim Shani, Ambassador David Quarrey and the excellent Tech Hub team we have grown this 'start up' over the past 5 years to a successful model which delivers significant business value to both economies. I look forward to working closely with colleagues in London and the 5 new locations to adapt and roll-out the model and create a global tech network for the UK, with Israel in a central position within it."

British Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, said: "Today's announcement is further evidence that tech relations between the UK and Israel are stronger than ever, and are now an inspiration for the UK’s tech engagement around the world.  The UK Israel Tech Hub plays a vital role in forging a strong tech and innovation partnership. If you are living in the UK today, you use technology from Israel daily - in banks, hospitals, digital government services and even online shopping. Britain's new Digital Strategy acknowledges the success of the hard work we're doing to advance these relations and it sets a promising future for our tech cooperation".

The UK Israel Tech Hub was launched five years ago, following an agreement between the Prime Ministers of the UK and Israel. With local offices in London and at the British Embassy in Israel, it aims to drive economic growth in both countries through building win-win partnerships in technology. It helps British companies gain a global competitive edge by using Israeli innovation and assist Israeli innovation go global via the UK. The Hub focuses on sectors where both countries have complementary strengths. 

Since its launch, the Hub has helped facilitate over 80 tech partnerships, worth over £62 million, with major British companies such as RBS, GSK, Dyson and many others.