“It’s clear that AI is going to affect every part of our lives and will change the work we do in the future. Some worry that AI will result in the loss of jobs, but at UTC schools, we see the fast pace of change as an opportunity to give the UK a competitive edge. In order to do this, we need to challenge our education system to provide world class skills and a different type of education, fit for a post-Brexit economy. 

“Worryingly, our research reveals that over a third (36%) of UK 11-17 year olds have no opportunity to learn about the latest technology in the classroom and over two thirds (67%) admit that they have not had the opportunity even to discuss a new tech or app idea with a teacher. When asked about the tech skills they would like to learn, over one in four pupils (28%) said AI.

“50 UTCs have been launched over the past eight years and offer live projects, ongoing work experience, employability training and apprenticeship degrees with over 400 employer partners including Microsoft, Fujitsu, Intel and Network Rail. UTCs specialise in engineering, IT, cyber security, coding, digital, science and health with children having hands on experience with state-of-the-art 3D printers and design studios. This results in 87% of UTC students going onto University, apprenticeships and full-time employment compared to a national average of 74%.

“Artists may be safe for now, but unless we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution in schools, we could find that algorithms create a ‘sketchy’ future for UK jobs.”

For more information, please contact charlotte@the10group.co.uk / 020 7637 0656