Finlay Clark, UK Head of Waze responds to recommendations made by Public Heath England & The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence that propose a fine for parents idling outside schools to cut air pollution. He says:

“The idea to punish parents who leave their engines running outside of schools is not the solution to combat pollution. We need to be focusing on the bigger picture as there are clearly too many cars on too few roads. This is causing slow moving, stop-start traffic, and increased congestion resulting in air pollution. Waze, the real-time, crowd-sourced navigation app, re-routes drivers around the traffic to help reduce this.

“Our research reveals that average speeds in London during 2016 decreased by 12% to just 17.4mph. In comparison, Birmingham has an average speed of 33mph. Furthermore, the number of traffic jams that have been reported around the capital was up by 56% last year. Overall, average speeds around the UK are decreasing as more cars take to the already congested road network.

“Understanding congestion in real-time is key to tackling the problem and Waze are working with city planners to improve the situation. Waze shares live data with over 175 global municipal partners in it’s Connected Citizen Program, including Transport for London and Oxfordshire Country Council in the UK. They are also piloting carpooling in Israel and the US with the aim of helping take cars off the road, which in turn helps lower journey times and improve air quality.”