Wednesday 25th October 2017: As the Department of Transport teams up with LA music video directors for its new road safety THINK! campaign aimed at cutting the numbers of people killed or injured by drivers using mobile phones, the free, real-time sat nav app, Waze is giving drivers essential tips on how to use navigation apps safely and legally.

  1. Cradle the phone securely on the dashboard so there is no temptation to pick it up.
  2. Programme the route before the engine is turned on. Waze has a function whereby multiple destinations can be entered so the phone does not have to be touched.  Drivers can also allow friends to follow their route in real-time so if they’re both off to the same place, they can see the estimated time of arrival, reducing the need to call or text the other driver. 
  3. Voice commands in many apps allow drivers to interact with the phone. However, these need to be set and tested before the journey to avoid distraction. Apps like Waze enable drivers to speak the place or address they are travelling to, removing the need to type. 

Finlay Clark, UK's head of Waze adds;

“Safety is always a top priority for Waze and we encourage drivers to use the app as it is intended, by docking the phone and leveraging hands-free functionality during their entire route for an undistracted drive.

“Waze was the first navigation app to block drivers from texting and driving. Additionally, our directions self-update in real-time to avoid accidents and traffic, thereby keeping drivers out of the most dangerous segments of road.  Drivers are also always encouraged to remain proactively aware of their surroundings, with or without the use of technology in the car. 

“With navigation apps being an essential part of beating the daily traffic and with the driving test changing later this year to reflect sat nav use, taking heed of the new advice limiting the amount of time interacting with a phone whilst on the road is becoming ever more important.”

Waze provides peace of mind by suggesting the fastest and most optimal route possible to any destination, by tracking real-time traffic and road conditions from drivers’ phones - thus saving other local drivers time and fuel. Join this community today by downloading the free Waze app for iOS or Android at