Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays around the globe, making it an attractive proposition for both brands and marketers alike. Each February, marketers can look forward to a showcase of predictable shopping behaviour and navigation trends as lovers head to buy flowers for their partner or go out for a fancy meal.

The masses of real-time driving data collated by crowd-sourced sat nav app Waze gives a clear insight into this consumer behaviour and can draw comparisons across continents. Thanks to Waze, we finally have an answer to the age-old debate: which nationality is the most romantic? It might not surprise you to hear that it’s not the British.

According to analysis of 2016 Waze navigation data from 2016 to flower shops (not including petrol stations) the most romantic country was the US where navigations on Valentine’s Day were up by 3.3x. France came second with an increase in navigations of 47% and UK bagged third place with an increase of only 31%.

In the UK, there was an almost equal spike in flower shop navigations a week after Valentine’s Day, possibly due to men trying to make amends or avoiding the love holiday’s premium prices hikes.

The run up to Valentine's Day marks the perfect time for advertisers to reach Wazers navigating to and from flower shops, or restaurants, to offer them relevant deals. Waze encourages marketers across all industries to leverage our navigation insights and engage consumers in a meaningful way while the pursuit of 'buying love' is top of mind. 

Responding to the Waze findings, Finlay Clark, UK head of Waze says:

“It might be not being a surprise that our French counterparts put us to shame in the romance department. However, this Valentine’s Day analysis shows the Americans to be the true (rose) thorn in our side, subjecting us to third place.

“Collecting vast amounts of data from drivers around the world can be a particularly useful way for brands to target and showcase national consumer habits. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day flower shopping this year, Waze urges Britain to get into the spirit. Surely we should be able to do just as well as, if not better than, couples in the States!”

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