Waze driving data analysed from the most recent tube strike (which took place on 9th January 2017) can give a good indication of how badly Londoners will fare when the next strike occurs from Sunday until Wednesday next week.

Finlay Clark, UK head of Waze, says:

“With over half a million Londoners using Waze, we were able to analyse data from the last tube strike to accurately show just how distrubtive the situation was over both rush-hour periods that day. This gives a good impression of what drivers are likely to experience with the current strike.

"On 9th January, our headlines at the peak-time 8.05am showed that 24% of traffic was bumper to bumper as a result of the strike – effectively standstill. For comparison, at this time on a normal day it’s usually around 12%. There was also 34% heavy traffic, so nearly 60% of total traffic at crawling or worse. Trips took on average 1hr 12 mins longer than usual to get from Uxbridge to East Acton when approaching city from the West.

"During the evening rush hour period, follow up stats at 5.30pm showed 25% of London was bumper to bumper (standstill) and 35% of the capital was stuck in heavy traffic (under 5 mph).

"If you have to drive during the upcoming strike, Waze can re-route you around traffic by tracking other road users' trips. The app will get you to your destination safely and effectively in the fastest time possible, by guiding you on the best time to embark upon your journey and which roads to avoid."

According to Waze, the worst routes included:

Temple to Trafalgar Square (1 mile): 40 mins (34 mins more than usual)

N.B this should take 13 mins to walk  

Brecknock Road , Kentish Town - 1mph speed, took 33 mins longer than usual to go from Breckock Rd to Junction Rd in North London.

M4 near Chiswick was jammed, adding 25 mins to people's drive

Lots of runs in central london were running at 20-35 mins added time to travel under 2 miles

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