How to avoid Easter Carmageddon

New Waze data reveals best and worst times to drive over the Easter Weekend


With as many as 17million drivers expected to take to UK roads over the first bank holiday weekend of 2017, crowdsourced sat nav app Waze warns drivers to avoid travelling between 10am – 2pm on Good Friday.

New data shows that the 5million drivers set travel on Good Friday will spend 25% longer in the car than the average Friday, and will drive for 26% longer (76km compared to 62km).

While Good Friday remains the worst day to drive, “panic buying” on Saturday 15th April will also cause major delays with about 4million drivers expected on the roads ahead of supermarkets closing for Easter Sunday.

Shoppers stocking up on the Saturday means a 57% increase in total journeys compared to the average Saturday of the month. The data shows that Saturday traffic will be 35% higher than usual so shoppers are advised to buy their Easter eggs early to avoid the gridlock.

From 2016 navigations data, Waze found that trips to restaurants on Easter Eve went up by 86% compared to the average Saturday. Also, on Easter Sunday, UK drivers went out for food more than the average Sunday of the month (+71%).

To avoid the worst of the traffic, drivers should head off after 8pm on Thursday evening; before 10am or after 4pm on Good Friday; before 10am and after 5pm on Saturday and Easter Sunday; and before noon and after 6pm on Easter Monday.

Finlay Clark, Head of Waze UK, says the apps usage will spike by 39% on Good Friday:

“Every Easter millions of people experience the frustration of sitting in hours of tailbacks. The good news is that we know from millions of users’ live updates how to avoid the worst of the queues - both on the road and in the supermarket.

If you find yourself in traffic, the app provides peace of mind by suggesting the fastest and most optimal route possible to any destination, using real-time updates from fellow drivers. This can be a particularly useful in preventing you from losing any extra time that you could be spending out of the car with friends and family."

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