Fancy yourself as a bit of a celebrity impressionist or maybe you just like the sound of your own voice? Well it's your lucky day as the next Waze voice guide is…wait for it...YOU! 

For years, Waze custom voice prompts have thrilled and delighted Wazers on their daily drives. Today, Waze is happy to announce the new Voice Recorder feature is live on IOS, letting drivers record all their voice prompts any way they like. 

Easily turn Voice Recorder on in Settings/Sound & Voice, and record as many voice prompts as you like. Use the easy recorder tool and mind the time limit for each prompt. For prompts left unrecorded, Waze will play the default voice instructions in their country. Currently, the recorded voice prompts will be available to the individual user, with a future plan to make sharing voice recordings possible between Wazers.

Finlay Clark, UK Head of Waze, says;

“In the past we’ve had Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hammond, Clarkson, May and most recently Sue Perkins as the voice of Waze, helping drivers outsmart traffic and save time. But now we are giving Wazers the chance to express their creativity in any language and dialect as they record their own directions to add a personal touch to their driving experience. 

Note: Please remember to be accurate while recording for safety's sake.

Download the free Waze app for iOs or Android at