In a world first, Lost in London — which will be shot in the early hours of Friday morning — will be broadcast as it happens to more than 550 cinemas. The film is Woody Harrelson’s writing and directorial debut and is based on the true story of how he ended up in a police cell after a taxi chase through London streets in 2002. But could Harrelson be forced to improvise as London traffic puts the brakes on his directorial ambitions?

Finlay Clark, head of crowdsourced, real-time navigation app Waze UK says, “Fridays are traditionally busiest days on Capital's roads with the average Waze user spending 2 hours 20 mins per day in the car. We receive on average 20,000 traffic jam alerts on Fridays in the capital, as other drivers try to share traffic hotspots so that other users are routed on to less congested routes”.

"Kingsway down to Waterloo will likely be best avoided, even after 9pm we see crawling speeds of around 5mph down that stretch. Equally, with planned roadworks going on where the Strand meets Waterloo Bridge, and resurfacing going on at nearby Wellington St, there are a number of routes to be avoided if the actors don't want to be doing lots of improvisation!

Best that the producers use Waze to ensure the actors get the movie finished on time!"