General Motors Co. is the latest major auto manufacturer to revolutionise the car dashboard by choosing not to offer a built-in navigation system in their new electric Chevy Bolt.
Head of Waze UK, the Google-owned sat nav app that offers users the benefit of real time crowd-sourced traffic data, Finlay Clark, commends GM for knowing its tech-savvy consumer.
The UK country head says, “This is yet another sign that the ubiquity of smartphones is fundamentally changing the way drivers get around. GM knows that someone purchasing their new electric car is going to be more than comfortable using apps like Waze to get around.
“It comes down to choice. A lot of people prefer maps which are up to date, have the best real-time information – not just from other drivers, but in our case from partners like Transport for London and our community of map editors. These factors help us shave time off people’s commutes in a meaningful way, and because this is what we focus on, it’s not surprising that GM don’t think they can do it better.” 
The global transportation sector is continually evolving as disruptions and next-generation solutions make moves towards improving the efficiency and cost of travel. Waze is a free app sporting some extra benefits when compared to most built-in navigation systems that can cost up to £2,000 when purchasing a new car.”
Solutions like Waze are already disrupting the auto sector. With consumers now more trusting in real time, updated data - built-in navigation systems are not as essential and companies like GM are looking at ways to integrate sat nav applications by using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We partner with Android Auto to allow drivers to use Waze on their dashboard.”
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