New research by crowdsourced, sat nav app Waze reveals that judging by last May Day bank holiday traffic data, this Monday will in-fact be a better day to be on the roads than an average Monday. Last year there were 25% fewer drivers on the road and average speeds were also up by 10%. Time spent in the car was down 10% too!  The average km per driver was consistent with other Mondays, showing people are still going out for day trips, but because journeys are not confined to rush hours, they are able move around that bit quicker.  

However, a word of caution. Even taking this improvement into account, the average Monday traffic can be miserable for most so whilst the new data is welcomed, there is still a good chance of getting stuck in traffic this bank holiday.

Waze data revealed last year that average speeds in London decreased by 12% to just 17.4mph. In comparison, Birmingham has an average speed of 33mph. Furthermore, the number of traffic jams that have been reported around the capital is up by 56% last year. Waze have seen reports of in jams rising and average speeds slowing across the country so it's important for people to get together to outsmart traffic.

Finlay Clark, Head of Waze UK, says the apps usage will spike on May Day Bank Holiday:

“Whilst it seems that compared to the average Monday, traffic will be lighter, traffic generally is getting worse in the UK. For this reason, we will see a spike of activity around bank holidays as motorists seek to outsmart traffic by using other user real-time updates to find the fastest route to their destination. This can be a particularly useful in preventing you from losing any extra time that you could be spending out of the car with friends and family this weekend."

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