UK ranks third-worst European country to drive in, out of 15 surveyed:

New Global Driver Satisfaction index reveals the best and worst places to drive.

Google-owned traffic app, Waze, today released their third annual Driver Satisfaction Index. By analysing the driving experiences of millions of monthly active users in 42 countries and 217 metros, Waze created a single numeric score, ranging from satisfying (10) to miserable (1).

Many traffic indices only look at a single quantifiable factor such as time spent in traffic. The Driver Satisfaction Index measures six qualitative and quantitative attributes to provide an unprecedented look at the overall driver experience in cities and countries worldwide (see criteria below).

Key findings:

  • The UK scored a 6.14, making it the third worst in Europe, only beating Ukraine (3.89) and Romania (5.04). Of those surveyed globally, the UK is ranked #18.
  • Only Birmingham scored above average with a 6.74 (UK’s best).
  • Surprisingly, London is not the worst UK city. It beats Manchester (UK’s worst with 5.71) with a 5.75.
  • The Netherlands has the most satisfying drive globally due to its traffic conditions, road quality, and infrastructure. France, United States, Czech Republic, and Belgium rounded out the top five.
  • Meanwhile the Philippines, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Indonesia, and Russia have the worst driver satisfaction globally, largely impacted by traffic, lack of connection between drivers and social economic factors.

UK research summary: 10 = satisfied, 1 = miserable


  • Traffic density and severity of traffic
  • Road Safety density of accidents, road hazards, and weather
  • Driver Services access to fuel stations and easy parking
  • Quality road quality and infrastructure
  • Socioeconomic - access to cars and impact of fuel prices
  • Wazeyness happiness and helpfulness of the Waze community

Finlay Clark UK head of Waze says:

“This year’s Waze driving data ranked the UK 18th globally. While the global score for the UK has improved, it’s disappointing to see that of the 15 European countries surveyed, the UK has ranked the third worst place to drive. There is clearly still work to do.

“Of the UK cities surveyed, Birmingham was the only one to score above average and has the UK’s best rating for road quality. Bristol drivers were also quite satisfied, scoring the city a 6.31, which lands it second place in the UK, above Manchester, London and Milton Keynes.”

“Surprisingly, London is not the worst UK city. It beats Manchester, the UK’s worst, with a 5.75. However, congestion in London – as in other UK cities – continues to worsen. Waze data reveals that during 2016 speeds in the M25 region decreased by 12% to just 17.4mph and the number of traffic jams that have been reported around the capital was up by 56% last year.

“Fortunately, UK municipals like Transport for London and Oxfordshire Council are proactively searching for ways to harness technology to reduce congestion. Our two-way data sharing partnerships with these organisations means that construction, collision and road closure data are provided to Waze so that the app can immediately update drivers. By using the platform to alert drivers to disruptions early, traffic flow improves and traffic jams become avoidable.”

“We hope that this data, along with all of our drivers’ feedback, will continue to inform transport authorities and make our journeys shorter and our roads safer.”

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