Waze Ads used by TfL to reroute drivers to fuel stations, reducing Blackwall Tunnel congestion

Transport for London (TfL) has partnered with Waze to leverage its advertising platform - helping address unnecessary and costly closures of the Blackwall Tunnel caused by breakdowns. With journeys through the tunnel taking up to 45 minutes, road users are faced with, on average, a 66 per cent increase in journey times after a breakdown in the tunnel

Using Waze Ads, TfL is able to strategically target drivers with messages to encourage re-fuelling at nearby petrol stations before entering Blackwall Tunnel. Over the past six months, Waze and TfL  reduced the risk of disruption from cars running out of petrol by encouraging nearly 20 drivers every week approach the tunnel to fill up.

Finlay Clark, Head of Waze UK, explains: “With 30 million people in the UK driving a car or motorcycle, we have a unique opportunity to safely target this audience with information to improve or enhance their journey. By working with TfL to remind drivers to refuel and reroute them to the closest petrol station, we’re able to help mitigate the chance of breakdowns.”

“TfL used Waze’s zero-speed takeover ads, which appear when a driver has completely stopped and disappear when the car starts moving again. We then geo-targeted a small radius around the north and south entrances to the Blackwall Tunnel, ensuring the ads were seen by people in the queue with a potential call to action to refuel.”

Chris Macleod, TfL’s Marketing Director, said: “We are always looking at ways to reduce congestion in London as this improves air quality and avoids road users wasting time in traffic. That’s why we were pleased our innovative trial with Waze had a real impact on reducing the risk of cars breaking down in the busy Blackwall tunnel and the associated congestion. Partnerships with innovative companies like Waze can enable us to get the right information to the right people at the right time.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with Waze to provide our users with information on the busiest times at certain locations on the road network, which will help those users who can avoid these times to make more efficient journeys.”

Waze’s work with TfL complements its other partnerships with UK brands that intersect with the driving experience. Since launching the Waze Ads platform in 2012, Waze has been working with companies across fuel, food and auto industries - helping the likes of M&S, Costa, Suzuki and more target 1.9 million potential customers in real-time.

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