Wednesday 29th November 2017: Today sees the launch of the Waze motorcycle mode enabling the 1.1 million motorcycle, moped and scooter owners to finally beat the traffic and become part of the 90m strong global Waze community.

Since its founding, Waze has been routing automobile drivers, helping them find optimal routes, avoid traffic, get arrival time estimations and more.  A few years ago, Waze added the “Taxi” vehicle type to better serve professional drivers who can access roads otherwise restricted to private drivers. In the UK, the number of drivers using Waze has doubled over the last year to almost 2m and now, Waze is adding a new vehicle type: motorcycle.

In addition to enjoying the standard suite of Waze benefits, including alerts on police, speed-camera and speed traps, road closures and restrictions - motorcyclists will also enjoy:

  • Improved routes based on information from fellow motorcyclists
  • Better arrival time estimations that may vary from automobile ETAs
  • Routing on narrow roads where cars are not permitted
  • New Motorcycle cursor for vehicle type; new motorcycle moods available to all Wazers
  • Talk to Waze feature. Say “OK Waze!” to activate voice commands, send reports and more, with your hands on the ‘wheel’ / handlebars at all times.

Finlay Clark, head of Waze UK says, “Drive times, routes and roads vary between automobiles and motorcycles so by including this new vehicle type, Waze is proud to be supporting a driving experience unique to motorcycle navigation.

“Due to their size and agility, motorcycles are an efficient and economical solution for many living in busy urban centres. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooter numbers have been increasing year on year in the UK as people turn to alternative means of transport.

“This new feature answers the call made by countless Waze fans, in the UK and the world over. By adding a distinction within vehicle types, data collection will increase in accuracy, and all drivers regardless of transport type will benefit.”


To turn on routing for motorcycles, visit Settings >

Vehicle type and tap “Motorcycles”.

System Requirements: Android & iOS

Public Launch : Nov 29

Location : Global

Languages : All/

Feature default : Off

* 1,166.900 Licensed vehicles in motorcycle, scooter & moped tax class DfT Q22017