Ahead of the launch of The Grand Tour on the 18th November, Clarkson, Hammond and May have lent their voices to the free, real-time and crowdsourced navigation app, Waze. Drivers will now be able to get directions from The Grand Tour trio. What could possibly go wrong?

The show posted the following tweet announcing the new feature:

Have you ever heard a navigation system argue with itself? No? Then you haven't heard Clarkson, Hammond and May on @waze. pic.twitter.com/eAYM2p0fmW

- The Grand Tour (@thegrandtour) November 14, 2016

Back in September, Clarkson tweeted out videos of May recording multiple takes of directions. May looked liked he was having a great time whilst Clarkson tweeted that he was losing the will to live. Thankfully they completed the recording without incident and the voice navigation has gone live to download ahead of the launch of their new show.

A trusted co-pilot, Waze empowers drivers to make decisions with insight from other folks on the road, and provides peace of mind by suggesting the fastest and most optimal route possible to any destination. Join this community of drivers today by downloading the free Waze app for iOs or Android at www.waze.com/get. Then to select the Grand Tour voice option within Waze, go to Settings > Sound > Voice language > Clarkson, Hammond & May.

And on that bombshell...