New Waze data reveals best and worst times to drive over bank holiday weekend

With thousands of drivers in Yorkshire expected to take to UK roads over a scorching May bank holiday weekend, crowdsourced sat nav app Waze reveals that motorists will spend 30% longer in the car than the average Monday, and will drive for 26% longer (76km compared to 62km).

Saturday will be the worst day for traffic jam reports, which are expected to peak at 20,000 in the afternoon with speeds slowing to an average 22 mph in the Leeds / Bradford area, as millions make their slow return from the beach after experiencing record breaking temperatures.

To avoid the worst of the traffic, drivers should head off before 3pm or after 8pm on Friday evening; before 10am or after 4pm on Saturday; before 10am and after 5pm on Sunday and before noon and after 6pm on Bank holiday Monday.

It seems drivers in Leeds are no strangers to navigating traffic hotspots; new research by Waze into driving habits in Leeds reveals drivers are posting nearly twenty thousand alerts to other drivers a month. These include 13,418 traffic jams, 3,774 road hazards and 343 accidents. The worst day of the week for traffic is Tuesday and the worst weekday for accidents is Thursday. The average Leeds commute time is 44 minutes with an average distance of 32.6km driven daily.

Finlay Clark, Head of Waze UK, says the apps usage will spike by 35% on Saturday as millions of drivers in Yorkshire seek to outsmart traffic together:

“Every bank holiday millions of people experience the frustration of sitting in hours of tailbacks and this bank holiday is expected to be no different. In fact, with the warmest Spring heatwave forecast in more than 160 years, traffic could be even worse as motorists head for the beach to make the most of the rare sunshine.

We advise checking Waze for live traffic updates from millions of fellow drivers to avoid the worst of the congestion. If you find yourself in traffic, the app provides peace of mind by suggesting the fastest and most optimal route possible to any destination.”

Join this community of drivers today by downloading the free Waze app for iOs or Android at www.waze..com/get.