New research released today estimates 83,000 cancers could be prevented if all women over 30 were screened for the faulty BRCA gene mutation, which puts them at a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Leading genomics expert, Dr Sarah Lotzof, provides gene testing to patients at her hospital and says testing for this mutation will have a huge impact:

“With the costs of testing falling it is no wonder that leading cancer researchers have found that testing all women over 30 for BRCA, or ‘population testing’, more effective than just testing women with a personal or family history of these cancers.

“Research shows that for every 235 women screened – one is positive. The earlier this is identified the more positive the outcome becomes for that woman.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with 150 people being diagnosed daily. We have to do everything we can to catch this disease early to increase a woman’s chance of survival.

“Often people are more anxious about not knowing their potential risk and gene testing is a simple and cost-effective solution that ensures people are as informed as they can be.

“At Code You Genomics, we encourage the screening of young women, and especially those over 30, as we believe early testing is key to reducing the number of lives lost to breast and ovarian cancer. We also screen for nine other abnormalities in the genes, which carry a six times greater risk of seeing the cancer develop when compared to BRCA 1 and 2.”